Warehouse I

Built Year: 2022-2023

Area: 600000 Sq. ft

Location: Pudur

Built in the year 2022-2023 and with an area of 600000 Sq. Ft, Warehouse I is located in Pudur.

Our warehousing and storage service provides a safe and secure storage solution for your goods. We offer flexible storage options to meet your needs, whether you require short-term or long-term storage. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and climate control technology to ensure that your products are stored in optimal conditions. We also offer inventory management services to track your stock levels and ensure that your products are easily accessible when you need them. Our storage service helps you reduce your overhead costs, free up valuable space in your facility, and ensure that your products are stored in a safe and secure environment.

Boundary walls 6 ft Height 6 inch width
Approach Roads 100 Ft Road to the Campus and 40 ft right round
Warehouse Facility 1 and 2 with 211200 Sq. gt each (73.17 Mtr X 268.29 Mtr) and 160000 Sq. ft (62.78 Mtr X 225.50 Mtr) 3rd facility
Height 11-14 Metres Vertical height
Floor FM2 Standard flooring with load bearing of 6 tons of point load.
Ventilation Turbo Fans or air Modulators for adequate ventilation
Temperature control with roof insulation 8 MM Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation Sheet.
Fire Safety Fire Hydrants or and Sprinklers as per Fire norms
Electrical load Only for Lights
Lighting 150-200 lux lighting for night shift workers
Warehouse dock & Canopies Canopies of proper length and breadth 2m
Dock Planning One Dock every 5000 Sq.ft of the warehouse
Dock Levellers and warehouse automation One Dock Levellers every 10000 Sq. ft of the warehouse
Wi-fy enabled warehouses Coverage with 100% warehouse area
Power Backup Power backup 100% 24X7
Setback areas Adequate setback area for Docking & movement of 32 ft vehicles
Women friendly warehouses Developed area with close proximity of public offices. Separate women washrooms
Employee health & Safety Adequate no of washrooms and clean and separate dining facility
CCTV Coverage** 24X7 vigil on movement
Green zone Environmental and Sustainability focus
Rainwater drainage & harvesting Proper Systems to ensure in leakage and proper system for harvesting.
STP Adequate STP facility for the warehouse